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International Championship

The tournament is submitted for rapid chess ELO evaluation:

Players without an ELO number must also provide their FIDE ID when registering. Players without a FIDE ID should apply for a FIDE ID at and then provide their new ID when registering.

Data protection:

By registering for the tournament, the participant agrees that the data and tournament results collected during the tournament will be used by the responsible authorities to determine the FIDE rating. He also agrees to the publication of games, photos, tournament data, game reports and the like.

Mobile phone:

Mobile phones and/or other electronic means of communication are carried

Place it next to the board when switched off or keep it in a separate bag. In the event of manipulation of the game result by using impermissible aids, the participant submits to the sanctioning power of the German Chess Federation in accordance with its statutes.

Pricing Terms

  1. Multiple prizes per participant are only possible in exceptional cases. In case of doubt, the participant receives the prize with the highest amount. If there is equal funding, the order decides: placement, rating, youth/senior, women.

  2. The draw and awarding of prizes will take place according to the DWZ database of the German Chess Federation from February 17, 2024. If the DWZ is missing, the FIDE ELO database from February 1, 2024 will be used.

  3. Participants without a rating who cannot prove their playing strength are excluded from the awarding of DWZ prizes.

Tournament management:

Dr. Christophe Andreoli (Regional Referee)

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